Beowulf and Beyond

The Fifth Joint DOE/NASA PC Clustered Computing Conference

October 6 - 8, 1999
American Museum of Science and Energy
Oak Ridge Tennessee

So far, we only have the powerpoint (ppt) files linked in...if you are on a pc, then you can right click and save the file as *.ppt and it should work. If you are on a unix'll need to wait till I get the html versions added.
-Betsy (webmaster)

Final Agenda

Wednesday, October 6
1:00 Welcome
1:15 Keynote Address
Session - Existing and Near Term PC Clusters
2:00 Cornell AC3 Velocity - David Lifka(Cornell)
2:30 Buffalo Sun Ultra 5 Cluster - Russ Miller(Buffalo)
3:30 CPlant passes 1000 processors - Neil Pundit(SNL)
4:00 Heterogeneous clusters - Stephen Scott(ORNL)
4:30 Largest Compaq cluster - Mark Seager(LLNL) ppt
Thursday, October 7
Session - Emerging Hardware for PC Clusters
08:30 Future of Myrinet - Nan Boden(Myricom)
09:00 Gigabit Ethernet: Technology and Solutions - David Lee(SysKonnect) and James Watkins(Foundary)
09:30 Results of GigaNet on Linux and NT - David Follett(GigaNet)
10:00 TruCluster and Alpha Roadmap - Ray Hookway(Compaq) ppt
Session - Applications
11:00 Applications on UVa Centurion cluster - Greg Lindahl (UVa)
11:30 The Distributed Data Interface in GAMESS - Brett Bode (Ames) ppt
Session - Latest PC Cluster Communications
1:30 Fast TCP on Linux - Don Becker
2:00 HPVM on NT/Myrinet - Phil Papadopoulos (UCSD) ppt
2:30 MPI and MPICH on Clusters - Rusty Lusk (ANL) ppt
3:00 Latest on M-VIA - Bill Saphir (LBL)
Session - Getting more from what you got
4:00 ATLAS Application Optimization - Clint Waley (UTK)
4:30 High Throughput Scheduling - Miron Livny (UWisc) ppt
5:30 Panel: Cluster Apps, The Best of Days, the Worst of Days (Mark Baker, Dave Halstead, Steve Chapin, Bill Nitzberg)
Friday, October 8
Session - System Software Tools for PC Clusters
09:00 Extreme Linux - Pete Beckman (LANL) ppt
09:30 Scalable Cluster Management with Linux - David Evenksy (SNL) ppt
10:00 Management Tools for NT Supercluster - Avneesh Pant (NCSA) ppt
11:00 Parallel File System on Cplant - Pang Chen (SNL) ppt
11:30 Millennium Clusters of Clusters - Phil Buondonna (Berkley) ppt
1:30 Panel: Forcing Factors, Obstacles and Opportunities (Al Geist, Robert Clay, Fred Johnson, Phil Merkey)
2:00 Wrapup - Next steps