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B-ISICLES: High-Performance Adaptive Algorithms for Ice Sheet Modeling
- LBNL (Esmond Ng)

Lagrangian Model for Ice Sheet Dynamics - PNNL (Alexandre Tartakovsky)

Modeling the Fracture of Ice Sheets on Parallel Computer - Columbia University (Haim Waisman)

SEA-CISM: A Scalable, Efficient, and Accurate Community Ice Sheet Model - ORNL (Kate Evans)

SISIPHUS: Scalable Ice Sheet Solvers and Infrastructure for Petascale, High-resolution, Unstructured Simulations - ANL (Tim Tautges)

Uncertainty Quantification for Large Scale Ice Sheet Modeling and Simulation - University of Texas (Omar Ghattas)




Program Manager (ASCR)
Dr. Lali Chatterjee
Computational Science Research and Partnerships
(SciDAC) Division - SC 21.1
Office of Advanced Scientific and Computing Research
U.S. Department of Energy
email: lali.chatterjee@science.doe.gov
phone: 301 903 7379

For information about science aspects of climate modeling and BER funded
projects contact Dr. A. Bamzai or visit the BER Climate site.

Spokesperson (Oct. 09 - April 2010)
Katherine J. Evans (Kate)
Computational Earth Sciences Group
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
PO Box 2008, MS6016
Oak Ridge, TN 37831
email: evanskj@ornl.gov
phone: 865-576-6517 office

Next Spokesperson: Esmond Ng, LBNL (Apr 10 - Oct 10)


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