Computing and Computational Sciences Fellowship

On June 15, 2004, the Computing and Computational Sciences Directorate (CCSD) announced the establishment of the Computing and Computational Sciences Fellowship (CCSF).

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is committed to becoming the premier research laboratory worldwide in harnessing unprecedented computing power as a tool for scientific discovery and technological breakthroughs with broad impact for the U.S. industrial and economic leadership. The CCSD Fellowship will provide a unique opportunity with a high-perspective learning experience to contribute to the overall computing and computational sciences agenda. The CCS Fellowship will offer a rotational assignment of two years for highly motivated ORNL staff to contribute their expertise to the strategic planning process of the Laboratory. The CCSD Fellow will have the opportunity to continue to pursue programmatic research activities and to participate in the development of the computational sciences agenda by assisting in the annual planning process, the development of strategic and institutional plans, and the Laboratory initiative investment plans.

Jack Wells Jack C. Wells was appointed as the first Computing and Computational Sciences Fellow. Jack will work closely with the Directorate office and with the ORNL research divisions and centers to advance the Lab's computing agenda and to promote cross-cutting research collaborations. Jack joined ORNL in 1997 as a Wigner Fellow. Presently, as a research staff in the Computational Materials Science Group of the Computer Science and Mathematics Division, Jack brings his exceptional expertise in computational physics to core research activities supported by the Materials and Engineering Physics Program of DOE's Office of Basic Energy Sciences.

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