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Bill's Network Web

Who am I? A short bio can be found here

What do I do? Lots of things related to networks and networking at ORNL

  • ORNL sponsored a workshop in the spring of 2000 to organize a Regional Research Network in the Southeast.

  • We are starting small, with a high-performance trunk to Atlanta that we expect to have up and running this summer.

  • Meanwhile, and in parallel with this, I chair the ESnet Coordinating Committee.


  • Network Simulation: We are Porting the Java-Based Network Simulator SSFnet to large scale distributed memory systems. The ported simulator system (code) will be made available to DOE researchers everywhere.

    A brief summary of the project can be found here, and some preliminary benchmark results are displayed here.

  • Measuring ATM-level Network Congestion: Several projects are measuring network congestion using ICMP Ping packets. These measurments can, at best, infer congestion from round trip delays that can be caused by several effects in addition to Congestion. By making measurments at the ATM layer (and in the future at the SONET layer) we can get a much more direct handle on the state of the network. A brief summary of the project and some example measurements can be found here.