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October 28 Integration teleconference notes

  Gary Skouson (PNNL)  
  Brett Bode (Ames)  
  Will McLendon (Sandia)  
  Thomas Naughton (ORNL)  
 * SessionID issue with ssslib/process mgr.  
    - Brett reported that Rick got a fix to him for the issues related  
      to the process mgr improperly responding to sessionID information  
      Rick will be checking this fix/update into the sss-oscar CVS tree  
    - Brett did say that he's working on getting full sessionID support  
      into bamboo but may not be fully tested/complete for the sc'05  
      release, same with maui who would be using that information.  
      This isn't a major issue for the sc'05 release and he's working  
      on getting this done ASAP.  
 * Gold updates  
    - Gary reported that he's got a new version of the Gold RPMs checked  
      in to the sss-oscar CVS (gold-  This includes documenation  
 * APItest rebuild & packaging  
    - Will has completed the modifications to accomodate the RPM  
      dependency issues for the repackages RPMS to support APItest on  
      Fedora Core 4.  He has checked these into the sss-oscar CVS  
      in the RPMS/ area and the SRPMS/ area.  
    - Thomas agreed to move these newer RPMS over to the new oscar dir  
      structure for multi-distro support, i.e., apitest/distro/fc4/*.rpm  
      and adjust the 'setup' script to accomodate this change.  
 * Misc TODO  
    - Brett requested that the xerces RPMS >= 2.3.0 that are to be repackaged  
      with the sss-oscar-2.0 release be installed on the test3 cluster @ ORNL.  
      Thomas agreed to look into this and rebuild/install as needed for FC4.  
    - After the SC'05 release Brett and Thomas discussed the possibility of  
      renaming the 'maui-sss' package to just 'maui' and merging it with  
      oscar since it appears all the customizations/modifications are in  
      the 'maui.cfg' file and not configure/compile time mods in the RPMs  
      themself.  The SSS version of maui is the "bleeding edge" so it would  
      be good to have the latest/greatest in std. oscar and we could add  
      the apitests as well since oscar uses APItest.  
    - We'll try to synch up again next week on a teleconf (time/date TBD).