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Pre-SC05 Integration Meeting October 20-21 Oak Ridge

Hotel information for those of you who will be coming to Oak Ridge for the   
Oct. 20-21 integration meeting. Cindy checked with the Jameson Inn today and   
they are ~75% full so it would be a "good idea" to book your hotel room as   
soon as you have a chance. They said they do not anticipate filling up for   
those dates (10/19-21) but you never know.   
Also, we will be meeting in Building 5600 (CSB), room E202 A&B. The standard   
schedule will hold, full day on Thur (10/20) and half day on Fri (10/21). I   
hope to have an agenda out soon but wanted to send this info ASAP. See you   
next week.   

Update: Mon Oct 31 10:16:38 EST 2005 We worked at getting things together for the 2.0 release at SC'05. In doing this we just started a rough TODO list with names/brief description. This 2.0 list lives in the sss-oscar CVS and can be viewed online from a www browser: sss-oscar/dist/release-info/sss-2.0_todo.txt Additionally we have created an IRC channel for integration/discussion, server: chanell: #sss-oscar

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