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Info on August 17-19 Meeting at ORNL

Hi  ,   
At our last Scalable Systems Software Meeting   
We decided to meet August 17-19 at Oak Ridge   
National Lab. For those who haven't been to   
ORNL it is a chance to see the NLCF and I could   
arrange a tour of the SNS if there is interest.   
We will start 8:30am August 17 (juice and rolls   
at 8:00) and go through noon August 18 with our regular meeting.   
The afternoon of August 18 through noon August 19   
will be one of our famous Scalable Systems   
"Hackerfests" for component integration and testing.   
The meeting is open to anyone who wants to attend.   
If I have left someone off the mailing list or you know someone   
who would like to be involved, feel free to forward this note to them.   
I finally heard back from my ORNL conference people   
about the hotel block for the Scalable Systems Software   
meeting August 17-19 at ORNL.   
Note it is a different hotel than the last time the    
meeting was at ORNL. We have reserved a block of   
rooms under the name "Scalable Systems"   
for $60/night at the    
Jameson Inn   
216 S. Rutgers Ave    
Oak Ridge, TN  37830   
phone, (865) 483-6809   
We will be meeting at Oak Ridge National Lab   
in the new Computer Science Building.   
To access the open wireless network at ORNL you have to type   
in the number on your visitor badge --- which   
means you will want to email    
Lora Wolfe  and ask her to set up   
a visitor badge of you. The CS building is right next   
to the visitor's center where you will pick up your   
See you there,   
Al Geist