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Discussion of "what's next" from DC mtg

To make it more visible to the team here is the diagram and Mike Strayer presentation outline discussed at the DC mtg.

If you have contributions or thoughts either put them in the notebook or email them to me.

Unified Computing Environment

Feb 17 Meeting with Mike Strayer

Presentations will be made to head of SciDAC by all four CS ISICS One hour presentation followed by 30 minutes for discussion Each will also prepare a whitepaper

Outline of whitepaper and presentation

What are the System Software challenges for SciDAC (1/3 page)
Goals of project (2/3 page)
standardized and flexible API
modular architecture (portable across HW)
scalable reference implementation
Highlights (include impact) (2 pages)
XML based API independent of language and protocol (ssslib)
architecture that allows plug and play (SD, EM, meatball)
suite releases (SSS-OSCAR, integrated components)
production users (ANL, Ames, PNNL, NCSA?, others?)
adoption of API by existing products (Maui, Moab)
Future CS ISIC ideas (1 page)
Unified Software Environment across diverse systems
including development (interactive) environment
Other gaps are I/O, Fault tolerance, and security

We should show relevance to: