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Latest info on Fred's whitepaper content

Fred sent the following note out to all the CS ISIC leaders Jan 6, 2005.   
Al, Arie, Dave, Rob,   
We're going to have to regroup a bit on the timing of the meeting.  January   
has deteriorated and Feb is also getting congested.  I've asked Al to help   
with working the logistics on this, and I've given him some dates that work   
for me.  He'll follow up with everyone to identify a set of dates that work   
for all of us.   Then I'll work with Michael to get a final date.     
In terms of meeting preparation, I think that two topics are clearly   
important -- a report from each of you that covers goals, activities and   
successes so that Michael has a good overview understanding of each of the   
CS ISICs.  Then of course we need to discuss gaps and opportunities for the   
next generation ISICs.  This should build upon the collective experience of   
the ISICs with the SciDAC apps and should also cover any recognized gaps   
(visualization?) in the SciDAC software infrastructure.   However, I'm very   
much open to suggestion so let me know if there's something else important   
from your perspective that should be included.     
-- Fred  

Al Writes: Here is the latest note from Fred sent Jan 14, 2005 Folks, Michael has agreed to meet with us on Thursday, February 17. I will work out a more detailed agenda, but I suggest that each of you plan for a 1.5 hour presentation and discussion that would cover progress to date, SciDAC impact and suggested needs/gaps/opportunites for the next round of SciDAC. Ideally, the latter could reflect application feedback and comment. Also, I asked Michael whether he would prefer to have a white paper prior to the 17th. He said he could go either way. My own inclination is that since Michael is open, it would be a good idea to do a white paper that summarizes the main points of your presentations. Let me know if you agree or not since we should all do the same thing. We have a significantly reduced travel budget this year, so we will plan to meet here in Germantown. Please let me know how many collaborators you would prefer to attend with you. Regards -- Fred