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Meeting: SSS integration and hackerfest

SSS integration and hackerfest meeting (2.5 days of hands-on)                           
Dates:	October 6 - 8, 2004                           

Late Meeting Updates -------------------- October 5, 2004: I have blocked conference call times so that we can get together as a group on an as needed basis. I tried to block the entire day but was unable to do so. Thus we have a large block from the morning and into early afternoon. I have also blocked an additional hour at the end of the day (east coast time) so that we can have a closeout group call on each day. You will be able to directly contact the ORNL onsite group through the direct dial "room number" and via email. We will use email and the direct dial lines to initiate impromptu group calls. The onsite group will plan to be on the con-call during the last hour of each day as follows: (Wednesday 5-6pm eastern, Thursday 5-6pm eastern, Friday 11-12noon eastern). Wednesday 9am 1pm eastern 865-574-1000 (reservation number 33604 / host: Stephen L. Scott) 5pm 6pm eastern 865-574-1000 (reservation number 33742 / host: Stephen L. Scott) room number: 865-576-5363 and 865-576-5366 Thursday 9am 2pm eastern 865-574-1000 (reservation number 33605 / host: Stephen L. Scott) 5pm 6pm eastern 865-574-1000 (reservation number 33743 / host: Stephen L. Scott) room number: 865-576-5363 and 865-576-5366 Friday 9am 12noon eastern 865-574-1000 (reservation number 33603 / host: Stephen L. Scott) room number: 865-576-4570 if for some reason you can't directly contact the group - call Lora Wolf at 865-574-3125 ------------- October 4, 2004: Dialup access to get in on the action! I have requested blocks of dial in times on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to be used as needed. Check back here for specific dial in information by Wednesday morning.
Contact Lora Wolfe to indicate attendance and to obtain a visitor badge (for those without a DOE issued photo badge). Contact Lora regarding onsite wireless access. Hotel Comfort Inn (865-481-8200) has rooms listed under SSS workshop with a GSA rate of $60/night. Cutoff date for blocked reservation rate is September 28. Airport Knoxville, TN (TYS) A rental car is almost required when visiting the ORNL site as - Ground transportation from Airport Taxi to Oak Ridge (City) is approximately $40 one-way and may be obtained at the lower level (baggage claim area) of the airport. - Ground transportation on site - Oak Ridge accommodations are approximately 12-miles from the Lab meeting location. There is no public transportation to the Lab site from Oak Ridge. Contact Information: Lora Wolf 865-574-3125 Stephen L. Scott 865-574-3144 ORNL Site Maps -
Meeting Agenda: The primary objective for this meeting is to finalize the up coming sss-oscar release for SC'04. The schedule is rather loose but at a glance things will break down as follows: Wed, October 6 8:00am badging (for those needed) 8:30am arrive w/ coffee & tea (bldg. 5600, room E202A/B) 9:00am session start o discuss meeting goals/outline o test systems orientation 9:30am divide into groups to start work on meeting goals Thu, October 7 8:00am badging (for those needed) 8:30am arrive w/ coffee & tea (bldg. 5600, room E202A/B) 9:00am session start o continue work on meeting goals Fri, October 8 8:00am badging (for those needed) 8:30am arrive w/ coffee & tea (bldg. 5600, room B226) 9:00am session start o build 1st release candidate (v1.0b1) o full system test on XTORC w/ v1.0b1 12:00pm adjourn meeting In order to help keep things on track the following 'meeting goals' have been identified. This will help us gauge our status at the end of the meeting. 1) Finalize OSCAR Pkgs o Complete any remaining oscar packaging details, most are done but notable missing parts would be adding some 'uninstall' scripts per package. 2) Integration o Complete component integration, any newly added components or components that now speak via SSS XML interface. 3) Testing o Create individual component tests for 'installation' and 'verification' as outlined by the VIWG's "sssTest" document (see also "Main e-notebook", p.63). o Do preparation for test suite & APItest as an OPkg 4) Documentation o Draft an all encompassing paper for inclusion with the release that, - describes the Scalable System Software (SSS) project, - describes the objectives of the SSS project, - describes the relationship of SSS to SSS-OSCAR, - describes the SSS reference implementation's components, - provides references to further SSS component details, - provides an appendix of the published API schema (for the included SSS-OSCAR pkgs) 5) Demo/test OPkg o Bundle a demo or test suite oscar package for inclusion in the distribution. 6) v1.0 release candidate o At the close of the meeting we should have the first release candidate (v1.0b1) for testing. 7) Full test on Friday o On the final day we will use the "sss-oscar-1.0b1" tarball for a full test on XTORC (approx 64 nodes). Other items that might be covered or benefit from this face-to-face developer time. * Inter-Component developer time * Draft a v1.0 press release Testing System: * [Wed/Thu] We plan on setting up 4 small clusters (using XTORC machines) for hands-on work on Wed/Thu. The setup will allow for full SSS-OSCAR tests with quick headnode rebuilds as needed. o 4 small clusters: 1 headnode & 2-3 compute nodes * [Fri] We will reassemble XTORC and do a full scale test using the release candidate to refine tests, etc. (Approx. 64 node cluster)

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