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Blanket OSS approval for SSS softwar

I do hereby grant DOE Program blanket approval for 
Open Source Software (OSS) distribution (under DOE IPI-II-1-01) to 
any and all software codes funded by me, and developed by the 
SciDAC Scalable Systems Software Integrated Software Infrastructure 
Center. This includes codes developed at Oak Ridge National 
Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National 
Laboratory, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Sandia National 
Laboratory, Ames Laboratory, and the National Center for 
Supercomputer Applications as a part of this Center. 
Fred Johnson 
Frederick C. Johnson 
Senior Technical Manager for Computer Science 
Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research 
U.S. DOE, SC-31/Germantown Building             Voice: 301-903-3601 
1000 Independence Avenue, SW                    Fax:   301-903-7774 
Washington, DC  20585-1290                      Email: