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FYI - Instructions to SciDAC Reviewers

Dear SciDAC CS ISIC Reviewer, First and foremost, both John and I offer our deepest thanks to you for agreeing to participate in this review. We know that you have a very busy schedule, and we very much appreciate your squeezing in yet one more community service activity. As you know, SciDAC is an exceptionally innovative and important program to the DOE Office of Science. One of these innovations from a program management perspective is that the Integrated Software Infrastructure Centers (ISICs) are tasked with not only doing excellent computer science research but also with actively working with the SciDAC application and mathematical software communities to enable them to benefit from the CS research in a timely fashion. The SciDAC program is now about a year and a half old, and the reviews that you will be performing are the initial reviews for the CS ISICs. The duration of an ISIC CS project is either three or five years, and the primary purpose of this review is to provide an overall assessment of progress to date and to suggest any midcourse corrections that may be warrented. There are four CS ISICs that will be reviewed. They are: -- Center for Component Technology for Terascale Simulation Software, Rob Armstrong, SNL, principal PI; -- High-End Computer System Performance: Science and Engineering, David Bailey, LBNL, principal PI; -- Scientific Data Management Enabling Technology Center, Arie Shoshani, LBNL, principal PI; -- Scalable Systems Software Enabling Technology Center, Al Geist, ORNL, principal PI. Each ISIC is to be reviewed separately. We expect the review process to be take a day and a half beginning Wednesday, March 12. The ISIC reviews, except for final write ups, should be completed by noon on Thursday. We will send out specific review assignments for everyone shortly. On Thursday afternoon, some of you will also participate in a review of the Center for Programming Models for Scalable Parallel Computing, Rusty Lusk, principal PI. This activity is actually part of the base research program, and it was begun at the same time as the ISICs. It is a large, important research activity, and we wanted to take advantage of having you folks in one place to review it as well. This review will be conducted Thursday afternoon. To facilitate your review, John and I will provide you with several items of background material for each project. These include copies of the original proposals, short project writeups, annual reports and the like. We will provide this material to you between now and the first of March. The ISIC reviews follow immediately after the SciDAC PI meeting in Napa on March 10 and 11, and it will be held at the same facility. The PI meeting is by invitation only, and all of you are invited to attend. We hope you will have time, since the PI meeting will give you an opportunity to see SciDAC "in action". The first SciDAC PI meeting a year ago was very successful, and this year we expect Ray Orbach, the Director of the Office of Science to give a presentation. The URL for the PI meeting is: Please use it for registering for the meeting and for hotel information. Please note the the deadline for room reservations is February 9, so please complete your arrangements by then. We can provide travel support for academics, but we're assuming that laboratory and federal folks will not need travel assistance. Please let us know right away this causes any hardship. Again, thanks to all of you for your assistance. Please let us know if you have any questions. Best regards, -- Fred and John ps To save you the trouble of parsing the mail header, the SciDAC CS ISIC reviewers are: Bob Lucas, Jim McGraw, Jose Munoz, Lauren Smith, Richard Mount, Ricky Kendall, Rod Oldehoeft, and Tony Mezzacappa. We may add one or two more names to this list in the near future.