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March Review - Agenda and Reviewers

Fred called me this week with some information about the SciDAC ISIC reviews being held March 12-13, 2003 in Napa, CA.

Project Report Due

He also said we need to prepare a Project Report for the reviewers. Fred used the term lengthy. I would translate that it should be 15-20 pages of text with additional pages of supporting material. This report is due February 28, 2003

The focus of this report will be on progress to date, impact on applications, future plans and the need, if any, for mid-course corrections. I propose that the report have sections coresponding to our project groups. And the group leaders will be responsible for pulling together text for their sections so I can compile them.

February 24-25 Face-to-Face Meeting

I'm suggesting we have our quarterly face-to-face meeting February 24-25 to hammer out the final draft of the report and to review what we are going to do at the review.

The review agenda has finally settled down. The orignal 2 days that shrunk to 4 hours is now down to 1 hour and 45 minutes. Not enough time to do a bunch of talks. I'll make the main pitch and I'd like to have the group give a demo of the suite as it exists at that time. It will require a group effort like we had at SC2002.


There will be 8 reviewers and they will judge all four ISICs. They are (excuse the spelling):
  1. Jose Munoze
  2. Bob Lucus
  3. Lorren Smith
  4. Rod Oldehoeft
  5. Jim McGraw
  6. Tony Mezzacappaa
  7. Ricky Kendall
  8. TBD from Van Rosendale

Tentative Agenda

Wednesday March 12, 2003

Each of the ISICs will have 1:45 to present an overview, progress, and impact of their project to all the eight reviewers. This will mainly be us to them with few questions from the reviewers. 2 hours by four projects will take the entire first day.

Thursday March 13, 2003

The morning has two parallel tracks split into two 1:30 time blocks
The reviewers will split into two groups and half will go to one room and half to the other. In the first hour and a half, one ISIC will go to each room to be grilled by the reviewers. At the end of this period the reviewers have the opportunity to shuffle then the remaining two ISICs are grilled for an hour and a half.

The afternoon the ISIC teams need to stick around to answer any additional questions the reviewers may have as they prepare their findings. The afternoon will also contain the review of Rusty's Programming Models Project.

I certainly want to have my subproject leads as well as Rusty, Brett, David, and Mike Showerman there at the review. Additional team folks are welcome, but as you can see from the agenda I'm not sure it is worth their time to travel to Napa for 1:30.

Addendum: Fred Johnson Date: Wed Jan 15 14:25:09 2003 (GMT)
CS ISIC Folks,   
The CS ISIC review will be held on March 12 -- 13, 2003 at eh Embassy Suites   
Napa Valley, Napa California (just extend your PI meeting reservations!)   
The focus of this review will be on progress to date, impact on   
applications, future plans and the need, if any, for mid-course corrections.   
Detailed info follows.   
March 12:	Devoted to a plenary session -- each ISIC presents to all   
		Each ISIC will have an hour and forty-five minutes for its   
		presentation.  The principal PI for each ISIC is responsible for   
		presentation details -- topics, how many speakers, etc.  Not too much   
		time need be allocated for questions -- see March 13.   
March 13:	Each ISIC will have two hours to meet with reviewers who have been   
		designated to lead the ISIC review.  These sessions will all occur in   
		the morning, and the formal reviews will be completed by 12:30.  The   
		reviewers will have the option of additional meetings in the afternoon   
		or working on their written reviews.  The purpose of these sessions is   
		to enable more detailed reviewer/ISIC interaction.  Two ISICs will   
 		meet in parallel with their reviewers in each of two morning sessions.   
Background material:   
Each ISIC should prepare a comprehensive report that addresses the four   
issues that are the focus of the review.  No page count guidelines right   
now, but emphasis should of course be on quality rather than quantity.   
Organization of the report should be by appropriate ISIC topics and not by   
institution.  Please send an electronic version of this report to us no   
later than February 21.  We will forward these reports to each of the   
reviewers.  We also plan to send the reviewers a copy of the original ISIC   
proposal, the PI meeting two pagers, and a list of the ISIC web sites.   
Please make sure your web sites are up to date.   
While the attendance at the PI meeting must be restricted, we can have more   
generous guidelines for the review meeting.  Please feel free to invite an   
appropriate number of members of your ISIC -- up to a total of five   
including yourself.  And let us know if this causes any severe hardships.   
Reviewers who have accepted include:  Jose Munoz, Bob Lucas, Tony   
Mezzacappa, Lauren Smith, Rod Oldehoeft, Richard Mount, and Jim McGraw.   
Attional names will be added and a full list will be sent to you soon.   
Again, let me know if you have any questions!!   
-- Fred