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Meeting Notes February 4, 2003

Attending: Brett Bode, John Mugler, Stephen Scott, Scott Jackson, David Jackson, Narayan Desai, Rusty lusk.

Scott: Has worked through issues in building rpms and now has QBank installed on XTorc and testing is in progress.
David: Working on silver documenation, rpms and resource limit monitoring and enforcement.
Brett: Building tarball for Narayan for chiba city.

Discussed the merits of a node manager component proposed by Narayan. The proposal is that the manager would maintain the "official" administrative state of the nodes. Agreed that there must be a source for this information, but Dave expressed concern about the multiplicity of components maintaining bits of node state information. Dave would like this component to be able to authoritatively give the state of a node.

Narayan reported that a new process manager will be ready soon that will support a much larger amount of information. We requested that it also support session job ids.

Dave, Brett and Scott agreed to work up a two page status by next week that Scott can roll together into a 6 pager to give to Al for the overall report due at the end of the month.