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Meeting notes December 3 telecom

The goals for this month are three-fold: 
1)      Release v1.0 Resource Management Suite (to include PBS with patches, 
Maui, QBank) 
2)      Carry out and document scalability testing for all components 
(Brett's QM, PBS, Maui, Silver, QBank, Gold, PBS front-end) 
        [We anticipate that other dependent components such as the cluster 
monitor, process manager, event manager, discovery service will do so as 
3)      Complete Requirements Documents, send it out for review to a dozen 
or so most applicable "customer" sites, and incorporate feedback. 
In addition to our individual work, we would like to extend to all the 
homework assignment of sending an email to the list before next weeks 
conference call describing your plan for how you will complete the 
scalability testing for your respective component(s) this month. 
As for individual work: 
        Gary Skouson will fix and test the PBS patches. They will be 
packaged in three disbursements based on OpenPBS 2.6.12: 1) The original 
source, 2) The patched source, and 3) the patch files. This will be done by 
        Kevin Walker will complete testing on the HTTP protocol for the PBS 
front-end, assist in testing the installation and functionality of QBank (by 
developing tests within QMTest), and work with integrating QBank into the 
OSCAR packaging API. 
        Scott Jackson will make the QBank configure step noninteractive, 
improve documentation for QBank, and work with ORNL to get QBank into an 
RPM. Scott will also perform and document scalability tests for both QBank 
and Gold as well as incorporate requirements review and survey feedback into 
final cut of Requirements document. 
        Brett Bode (with his graduate help) will develop a web page where 
people can go to download the pieces of the v1.0 SSS Resource Management 
Suite. This should include links to documentation, mailing lists, and other 
resources. Scalability testing should be performed on Brett's QM and the 
results documented. Brett will complete the requirements document and have 
it reviewed to ensure our designs meet the needs of the customer 
        Dave Jackson will perform and document the results of scalability 
testing for Maui and Silver. Dave will also complete the requirements 
document and have it reviewed by the customer sites. Dave will help arrange 
testing scenarios and locations such as NCSA which may function as friendly 
sites to try out our first release. 
We will have our SSS review March 12-14th in Napa, CA? 
Apparently there is also a SciDAC PI meeting immediately preceding the 
We don't know when the next face to face will be held yet. 
Other items of interest: 
        OSCAR help send email to