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Meeting Notes - 4/23/2002

Attending: Brett Bode (Ames), David jackson (Ames), Scott Jackson (PNNL), Kevin Walker (PNNL), John-Paul Navarro (ANL), Stephen Scott (ORNL), John Lueke(ORNL).

Progress notes

Brett: The permanent CVS server is now online. Scott pointed out some missing files in the switchover which is now fixed and as suggested a web page now describes how to use cvs with ssh on the server. Anyone in the SSS center can get an account by sending brett an email request!
Dave: Continuing user interface work with Maui and working to bring up communications between Maui and the new Queue Manager (this week hopefully).
Kevin: Finished a new version of the XML shim library and sent to Dave.
Scott: logging is now working well in the allocation manager.

Topics related to the next face-face meeting

The project timeline lists a definition of the module structure. Could someone define the meaning of "module structure". We have decided to assume that a module is a "replacable component" such as the scheduler, allocation manager, etc.

Documentation conventions: We need to decide at the June face-face meeting a basic documentation convention. At the most basic level this means defining which formats must be provided with each component. There was general agreement that man pages must be provided for any component with a command line interface. In addition, documentation in html and/or PDF is desired.

How should the information be organized?
There should be documents such as:

There were several suggestions on a back-end format for tools that can convert to the desired formats. Suggestions included doxygen, Perl pod, ???