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First Work

We will initially focus on defining the interfaces between these  
components and other related components and services upon which our  
components depend. We intend to produce, within the first twelve months of  
the project, an initial release of the resource management interface  
In order to do so, we must:   
1. Identify and define the components and specify their function and  
purpose within the resource management system.   
2. Identify the principal objects and their attributes.   
3. Identify an initial set of services and interactions between the  
components, the user, the application, and external services and systems.   
4. Establish a set of standard interfaces.   
Also, within the first phase (18 months), the Resource Management Working  
Group will be responsible for releasing version 1.0 of the Center's  
resource management system based on existing open source code and the  
results of the scalability testing.   
This requires that we further carry out the following activities:   
1. Select the existing open source components to include in the initial  
2. Modify these components to use the standard interfaces developed.   
3. Establish test procedures for the components and their interfaces.   
4. Integrate the components and perform integration testing for the  
resource management system.   
5. Perform scalability testing and document results.   
6. Document and release version 1.0 of the software.   
From the beginning stages of this effort, a set of good software  
engineering practices should be established. This should include:   
1. Revision Control   
2. Problem Reporting Mechanism   
3. Test harness   
4. Backup System   
5. Packaging and integrated installation procedure   
6. Documentation   
7. News and Information Distribution Mechanisms   
8. Download Management