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RMS queries to PMWG components

Resource management working group queries to the process management working group system

The software components in the resource management working group, mainly the queue manager and/or the scheduler, will interact with the node monitor and process manager in two ways. The components and their functions are listed on page 21. We expect that both methods will communication using the server components for the node monitor and process manager. We do not expect, nor want, the queue manager/scheduler to directly communicate with any individual nodes. The first communication method is through a direct query/response mechanism. The query will list what types of information are requested and for which node/job or range of nodes. A list of these queries follows:

The second method of interaction is via a subscription mechanism. We would like the node monitor/process manager to provide a regular update mechanism by which the queue manager and/or the scheduler can obtain the information listed below. Clearly one challange in this method of interaction is optimizing the amount of data that must be transfer between components. The specific information provided by the subscription will be established by an initial query/response to initiate the subscription.

In addition the process manager will need to provide an end of job summary of all resource utilization to the queue manager. This page does not include commands issued by the queue manager/scheduler to the process manager such as "start Job", etc.