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Weekly Meeting Notes for 1Q05

1 FEB 2005 
•	Brett 
o	will try to build wrapper to other monitoring tools 
o	putting existing suite on another client at Ames 
•	Scott 
o	working with RATS to help them use Gold API to database 
o	updating GUI 
o	ported to mysql 
o	preparing for MPP2 upgrade 
•	Craig 
o	will be finishing wire protocol stuff 
o	making absence of Gets to mean get all 
15 FEB 2005 
•	Brett 
o	working on monitoring shim to plug into supermon 
o	whitepaper is basically done 
o	meeting with Michael Strayer 
o	didn’t get answers to questions to Ryan about NWPerf 
•	John 
o	Trying to update docs for oscar-sss-1.1 release 
o	OSCAR freeze on  a week from yesterday 
o	sss freeze a week or two after 
•	Dave 
o	lost hard drive containing Maui and Silver 
22 FEB 2005 
•	Brett 
o	Meeting with Michael Strayer 
o	Still working on monitor interface w/ supermon, ganglia, nwperf 
•	Scott 
o	Second beta release out 
o	oscarizing, cut rpms 
•	Dave 
o	still recovering maui files 
o	progress on Silver 
8 MAR 2005 
•	Scott 
o	Writing papers 
o	Helping beta-testing sites 
o	Helping ETSU student on SSS interface for RATS 
•	Brett 
o	waiting on Dave 
o	working with Rusty on MPICH2 issues 
•	Craig 
o	Return all for no gets 
o	“placebo component” for ssslib wire-protocol module 
•	John 
o	Working on papers 
o	Fundamental research archive 
o	code freeze oscar 4.1 --> cutting beta tonight 
o	probably another week to get sss components in 
o	10 days to 2 weeks from final 4.1 release 
o	now in bug squashing stage 
•	Dave 
o	gave up on disk restore 
o	resurrected a new maui-3.2.6p12 
o	will start rolling in MCOM library 
o	had to get cvs and build environment back 
o	silver now running jobs on Globus 3.0 
15 MAR 2005 
•	Scott 
o	Gold running at UofU 
o	submitted paper to conference 
o	Studied GUI technologies 
•	Craig 
o	Going forward with comm stuff (C++) 
•	Dave 
o	Small progress on Maui -- haven’t rolled in MCOM yet 
o	Silver -- resolved issues in Globus 3.0 -- moving on to Globus 4.0 
o	move X.509 stuff into MCOM 
22 MAR 2005 
•	Brett 
o	Mostly on vacation last week 
o	tying up loose ends 
•	John 
o	Oscar 4.1 release b3 
•	Scott 
o	Distributed accounting 
•	Dave 
o	Globus 3.x 
29 MAR 2005 
•	Scott 
o	tying up things 
o	Investigating replication 
•	John 
o	Number to call for the OTP system 
o	Thomas has a beta out for sss-oscar 
•	Dave 
o	MCOM has been integrated into Maui 
o	ready to test Brett’s extensions [Wed] 
o	Next -> change all SSS to S3 
o	will start testing multi-req stuff with Bamboo 
o	Progress on Silver -- think has grid stuff rolled into MCOM 
o	X.509 credential support 
o	general socket fix ups 
19 APR 2005 
•	Scott 
o	Fault tolerance, pgcluster 
•	Brett 
o	Syncing up with Dave 
•	David 
o	Travel 
o	More progress on Silver 
o	More globus staging and job processing interfaces for X509 credentials 
o	testing silver using 90% of its globus calls in MCOM 
o	Next work -- multi-req jobs 
•	Craig 
o	Other non-sss stuff 
o	meeting in 3 weeks 
o	need to update rpms 
o	Will be ready to sync up with me and Argonne at meeting 
•	John 
o	About hosting next meeting 
o	Cyber Security Awareness Training 
26 APR 2005 
•	Scott 
o	Paper accepted 
o	have someone working on SSSRMAP Message Format ssslib module 
o	working on Perl CGI Web GUI 
o	smooth allocation expiration 
o	Get me your bullet items 
•	Brett 
o	synced up with Dave 
o	works functionally well 
o	worked on mailing feature 
o	currently working on node properties on client side 
•	Dave 
o	synced up with Brett after merging MCOM stuff into Maui 
o	StartTime/EndTime, Opaque flags uses Extension property 
3 MAY 2005 
•	Scott 
o	Web GUI -- SSL, Session Management 
o	Upgraded workstations 
o	Considering smoothly expiring allocations 
•	Brett 
o	recovering SSS server 
o	redoing parser in clients for pbs_style node properties 
•	Dave 
o	Silver 
o	Looking at generalizing X.509 credential management (globus uses openssh) 
o	Doing multi-req job submission/processing