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Script to Generate System Monitor Config FIle

John, Thomas, Brett, etc... 
At one point Brett asked me to create a script to automate the 
creation of the warehouse System Monitor scripts.  It's now created, 
and checked into the scripts directory under warehouse at 
The script is called warehouse_construct_SysMon_conf.perl.  It takes 
three command line arguments.  The first is the port where the System 
Monitor listens--this is the one that Maui knows about.  Then there's 
the port ware it listens for warehouse connections; this is unused in 
SSS installations.  Third, the port where the warehouse_monitors on 
the compute nodes are listening.  If it doesn't get any of those 
arguments, dies and complains, explaining what the missing argument is 
supposed to be.  
Once it's running, then you input a series of hostnames into stdin, 
one for each warehouse_monitor, and then EOF to end.  It outputs on 
stdout the configuration file appropriate for 
I have looked at the output to verify that it looks right.  I haven't 
run it on a real live system yet, but I'll let you know when I've done