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XML References & Tutorials

Are there any standard references or tutorials for XML around out there?    
- E   
I have found XML documentation to be uniformly bad. There are a  
large number of documentation sources which contain an enormous amount  
of detail, but very few terse, well explained examples. I would personally  
be interested in information leading to the use of a validating XML parser.  
You might try finding a tutorial for the use of expat or DOM in the   
language of your choice. I used one published by the python people and   
it was OK, but not great.   

Dear group, If you are like me, you have found getting started with XML awkward. The books in your local bookstore are confusing. "700 pages on angle bracket notation? What IS this stuff?" I spent the weekend reading "Essential XML: Beyond Markup", by Don Box, Aaron Skonnard, and John Lam (Addison Wesley, ISBN 0-201-70914-7). I think this is a good book to read on XML (and it is only 350 pages of very large font). It starts very abstractly and I found it heavy going at first (a lot like learning about object-oriented programming independently of any language), but eventually I started to like it. Its coverage of details is not particularly clear, but the 700-pagers can take care of that. What it has that the other books I have browsed in seem to lack is the *point* of XML. In the last chapter he even talks about distributed component software, which is getting close to our own concerns. I am more sure than ever that basing our project on XML for inter-component communication was the right decision, but now I understand *why* better than I did before. Other reviews, and of other books, are welcome. Rusty