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Inter-component interface summary

Here is a summary of the messages defined by the Process Manager, both   
to it and from it.   
We are drafting a short paper describing the process manager in this context.    
This seems a good way to provide some context, describe the   
decisions made, and explain in some detail what the messages actually   
mean.  This paper is still very much under construction, and the details   
of the XML Schema are not there yet, but there is additional information   
about these messages at   
Here is a very short summary of the messages exchanged.  For details,   
see the above paper.   
   Messages initiated by the Process Manager:   
        Registration/Deregistration (to Service Directory component)   
        Events:  (to Event Manager component)   
            job started   
            job ended    
    Messages responded to by Process Manager:  (from anyone)   
        Start Job   
        Signal Job   
        Kill Job (more than signal)   
        Job info