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Meeting Minutes 2002.03.21

Scalable Systems Software - Process Management Working Group 
Teleconference 1/31/2 10:00 AM (PDT) 
Working Group Chair:                    Paul Hargrove 
Meeting Minutes:                        Eric Roman 
Eric Roman          LBNL 
Paul Hargrove       LBNL 
Jason Duell         LBNL 
Scott Jackson       PNNL 
Stephen Scott       ORNL 
Scott reported that his group was moving forward on deveoping the 
resource manager.  The queue manager is starting to come into existence, 
and the allocation manager was started to be integrated. 
Eric asked whether Scott had looked into NIM, the NERSC allocation management 
code.  Scott replied that he was interested but did not have any source 
of information.  Eric referred Scott to the NERSC User Services Group. 
Stephen Scott asked whether there were any postings on existing systems to 
extract requirements from.  Scott replied that there were.  They agreed to 
take continue their discussion after the call. 
Next meeting 
The next call is scheduled for 4/11/2 at 10:00 PDT. 
 To Attend: 
  Long Distance users call 1-877-252-5250, 
  Local users call 510-647-3480, 
press 1, enter TBD# and follow the instructions. 
TBD will be announced at meeting announcement.