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Action Item Log

Scalable Systems Software - Process Management Working Group  
Action Log  
File:           action_log  
First created:  9/25/01  
Maintainer:     Eric Roman   
Description:    Activity log for SSS PMWG  
$Id: action_log,v 1.7 2001/12/21 23:32:45 eroman Exp $  
Num  Activity                                               Who       Status  
^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^  
A1   Assemble notebook page describing higher-level issues  Paul      Open  
A2   Write up a one pager describing how we should use      Narayan   Open  
     validation.  How much should we use validation?  
A3   Come up with scenarios for subscription and event      Paul      Closed  
     notification.  Describe use of transactionId and  
     subscription ID tags.  
A4   Post references to various XML parsers on PM notebook  Erik      Open  
     switched from Narayan to Erik  
A5   Look at XML bindings for C, C++, Python, and Java.     Erik      Open  
     Post descriptions of these bindings on Integration  
A6   Create an open issues list for the PMWG                Paul      Closed  
A7   Add XRP to the current reading list for the PMWG       Eric      Closed  
A8   Look at references for SOAP, XMLRPC, Slide, Quilt, and All       Open  
     XRP, BXXP.  
A9   E-Mail modified strawman PM Schema to PMWG             Eric      Closed  
A10  Modularize the strawman PM Schema                      Erik      Closed  
A11  Put WG leads on Integration WG mailing list            Erik      Open  
A12  Add undo and preview buttons to e-notebook             Al        Open  
A13  Write web pages describing XML Schema style rules      Erik      Open  
A14  Put references to best practices on style web page     Eric      Closed  
A15  Look at issues I1, I2, I3                              Scott     Open  
A16  Assemble requirements document for face to face mtg.   Scott     Closed  
A17  Post links to XML Schema Primer to IWG pages           Eric      Closed  
A18  Post links to xmlschema to IWG pages                   Eric      Closed  
A19  Send notes describing namespaces to Erik D.            Eric      Closed  
A20  Fix small problems in modularized PM Strawman.         Narayan   Closed  
A21  Post slides describing intercommunicators              Erik      Open  
A22  Post references describing the BXXP protocol to VIWG   Scott     Open  
A23  Create a page describing checkpoint/restart calls.     Paul      Closed  
A24  Assemble a list of the attributes for a process        Brett     Open  
A25  Come up with a detailed schedule for next few months   Paul      Open  
A26  Put WG name on e-notebook on cover                     Al        Open  
A27  Look at interactions between process manager and       Paul      New  
     checkpoint/restart manager in detail  
A28  Think about remaining interfaces to process manager    All       New  
A29  Place scenarios for monitoring on PMWG notebook        Scott     Closed 
A30  Write down interface ideas and use cases for monitors  Mike      Open 
A31  Write up architecture for monitors                     Mike      Closed 
A32  Post references to XML authoring and validation tools  Rusty     New