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Open Issues Log

Scalable Systems Software - Process Management Working Group 
Issue Log 
File:           issue_log 
First created:  9/25/01 
Maintainer:     Eric Roman  
Description:    Issue log for SSS PMWG 
$Id: issue_log,v 1.7 2001/12/21 23:48:39 eroman Exp eroman $ 
Num  Issue                                                            Status 
^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ 
I1   What is the current status of the XRP draft?  Will this draft    Open 
     ever be ratified into a real IETF standard? 
I2   What type of infrastructure do we need for authentication and    Open 
I3   What types of ordering guarantees do we need to provide for      Open 
     event delivery or for requests?  Do we need sequence numbers? 
I4   What happens when two jobs join together through MPI_Connect?    Open 
I5   How do we encapsulate or delemit multiple requests/transactions  Open 
     coming through a single socket? 
I6   How do we specify that one job runs after another one?           Open 
I7   How do we specify that one job runs at the same time as another? Open 
I8   What happens if two create-process requests are issued with the  Open 
     same set of nodes?  Queue?  Kill?  Error?  Preempt?  Undefined? 
I9   How do we stop an epilogue script from blowing away a temporary  Open 
I10  Want to hear stories or scenarios for how Scalable Software      Open 
     components are supposed to interact.  Run a job as a sample case. 
I11  The strawman PM request does not validate                        Closed 
I12  Have no guidelines for XML style (element vs attribute, group    Open 
     vs type) 
I13  How do you constrain the top level elements of XML Schema        Closed 
I14  Do we need a generic network address format?                     Open 
I15  How do we know whether a job is checkpointable?                  Open 
I16  How do we attatch processes to jobs (TotalView scenario)         Open 
I17  Do we need an event delivery system?                             New 
I18  Can the PMWG monitors be used to replace pbs_mom?                Open 
I19  What does PBS mom provide?  What does Maui scheduler need?       Open 
I20  1 page requirements overview for components is needed.           Open