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SSS-OSCAR / VMware testing info

As discussed at the September face-to-face in D.C., the material for the 
SSS-OSCAR release is available. 
This includes a "HOWTO: Create an OSCAR Package" doc for those bundling 
their components for the release. 
To help with testing a RedHat 9.0 VMware image has been tar/gzip'd as well 
as two generic compute node images.  There is a basic Readme doc for 
setup/usage and links to other docs for setting up "VMclusters". 
Lastly, if you do not already have a userID you will need to set one 
up and send the ID to me directory (or and we'll 
get you added to the sss-oscar project w/ CVS write perms.  Once things are 
in a working OSCAR pkg format they can be commited to 
The URLs: 
   + Docs & Tarball as mentioned above 
   + SSS-OSCAR Homepage 
Please feel free to email with questions/comments. 
  Thomas Naughton                             
  Research Associate                                   (865) 576-4184 

Addendum:   Thomas Naughton   Date: Fri Sep 26 21:02:43 2003 (GMT)
I have made a few more updates to the "HOWTO: Create an OSCAR Package". The link to the file at, will be kept current. --tjn

Addendum:   Thomas Naughton   Date: Thu Oct 2 20:16:53 2003 (GMT)
Again with the doc updates...(draft v1.11) Added another section detailing the current Configurator w/ examples and added a TOC for easier navigation. And a few typo fixes.