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telecon on 5/31/02 at a special time

While we have been meeting biweekly and had a telecon last week, we  
will have one this week as well. This is mainly at the request of the  
resource management folks to discuss a few issues. The two major items  
in this discussion are:  
1. error paths  
2. a policy component in the build/config area.  
In my opinion, the second is considerably much more important to  
discuss wrt our group. In the last call or two, we have started to  
discuss a component that provides an interface to administrative  
control of a cluster. One of the most important functions this  
component would provide would be the ability for administrators to  
mark nodes as administratively offline. This component would be the  
second case of a policy component in the system. (the first being the  
scheduler) It is arguable if this should be integrated into the node  
manager itself or not. (This is one of many details that should be  
discussed in detail on the call, and probably subsequent ones as well)  
Also on the agenda are the usuals, status updates for everyone, etc.   
The final item on the agenda is an event management system. We have  
been discussing this at ANL for a while now, and have started  
discussing it over the last call or two.   
NOTE: This call will be at 1pm central as opposed to the usual 2pm.  
Dial-In  888-796-3627   
Pass code: 79598