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Functions needed for Build and Configure

Meeting at SC2001 on Thursday. Attendees: Naryan, Al, Rusty, JP, Stephen.   
We discussed what functions and information are needed to accomplish    
cluster building and configuring.   
Boot control (shutdown, boot, reboot OS)   
Hardware control (power off/on, wake-on-lan, etc.)   
Node install (load OS)   
Node configuration change   
Hardware diagnostics   
Partitioning (node grouping)   
Access control (add/delete users from system and their permissions)  
Node Identification   
Boot log   
Harware inventory   
Hardware maintenance history   
Software inventory   
Node administrative state   
External Components we depend on:  
Information Service  
Security service  
Process accounting  
Discussion of how diskless nodes may affect the use of the above functions.   
Internal vs. external source for boot such as network boot.