3) Examples from the sand package

Each function and dataset has an executable example that shows how to use the function.  Note that ALL the help files in sand can be accessed three different ways under Windows:

I. help (sand, chm=T) # ?sand should give same result (only relevant under Windows OS)

II. help (sand, html=T, chm=F) # use default browser

III. help (sand, chm=F) # displays in text format

?functionname for help file on specific function or data set, e.g ?IH.summary

See ?help for more options and details

1) example (IH.summary) # calculates AIHA summary statistics

2) example (ple.plot) # calculate and plot PLE on CLs

3) example (filmbadge) # PLE for interval censored data

4) help (readss, chm=F) # cut and paste required here

5) example (kmms) # calculates Kaplan-Meier statistics ( error corected on 14 June 2007)

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