ORRHES Web Site Resolution -

WHEREAS, a well designed and well implemented Internet website has been shown to be an effective method for delivering a wide variety of information to a diverse audience, and

WHEREAS , many members of the audience do not have high speed connections to the Internet; be it therefore RECOMMENDED, that ATSDR establish a user-friendly, Internet website devoted to the activities of the ORRHES including but not limited to:

  1. An up to date calendar of ALL ORRHES events with time, location, and agenda.
  2. A description of the ORRHES goals and program, as described in the ORRHES site map.
  3. All recommendations to ATSDR and related material identified as being appropriate for the web site.
  4. A summary of the all ORRHES meetings and actions with links to the detailed minutes.
  5. Pertinent technical papers and tabular data.
  6. Bibliographies of hard-copy, pertinent reports.
  7. Links to related information on other web sites.
  8. A method for the public to submit e-mail comments to ATSDR.
  9. A search capability for material on ORRHES web site.
  10. Material should be in HTML whenever possible. For large documents a summary page and table of contents that is linked to sections should be included.
  11. If PDF files are necessary for large documents they shall be clearly identified, i.e.
    DOCUMENT A[link] (950K-byte PDF) Summary [link]provided in HTML. * see below
  12. A process for Subcommittee members to submit pages or links to pages should be provided.
  13. All pages should contain disclaimer information that depends on the contents of the page. The visitor should be informed when a link takes a visitor off the ORRHES web site.
  14. ORRHES Sponsors: CDC/ATSDR with Budget information and flow of money, including discussion on origination of funds from DOE

* For an example of a large document hyper-linked in HTML CLICK Here. Links to same material in PDF files are Here

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