ES Report 1993 Overview- Rocky Flats Plant

The Rocky Flats Plant ( see A OR B) is located in northern Jefferson County, Colorado, approximately 16 air miles from Denver. In 1952, the Atomic Energy Commission selected the Rocky Flats site as one of seven production plants in the DOE's Weapons Complex. Rocky Flats manufactured components for nuclear weapons from materials, such as plutonium, beryllium, uranium, and various alloys of stainless steel, using varied metal fabrication technologies. This activity remained the primary mission of Rocky Flats until January, 1992, when the mission was redirected to environmental cleanup. Rocky Flats is also involved in technology development to resolve critical waste management and environmental restoration issues.

Labor Force by Occupational Category
Absences Among Work Force, 1993 .
Diagnosis by Occupational Category, 1993
Relative Risk by Occupational Category, 1993

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