BeLPT Notebook Guidelines

  1. Read through the description of electronic notbooks HERE. There is a demonstration notebook at the bottom of the page that you can use to try adding a page to a notebook.
  2. If you "Add" a page to the BeLPT Specification Notebook, your name and a Title for the page are REQUIRED. The Title will appear at the Top of the page AND in the notebook Table of Contents.
    PLEASE INCLUDE the paragraph number(s) from the BeLPT Specification in the title,
    e.g. The Title: Comments on Pargs 6.2.1-.3 and 8.1.5
  3. Go back to previous page and select "Open Notebook" in Item 6-e and read some of the pages. Click on "Contents" function to see Table of Contents.
  4. The best way to Add a page is:
    1. Create an HTML (best choice) or "txt" file on your local disk.
    2. Open notebook with write access and click on "Add" button on Menu Bar.
    3. Click on the Browse button near bottom of page and select the file you want to add.
    4. Choose the MIME type from pull-down menu to match the file type.
    5. Click on "Add this entry box" at bottom of the page.
  5. If you are using Microsoft OS on a PC and want to Add a MS WORD file you have at least three choices:
    1. Create an HTML version of MS Word file by opening the file in MS Word and using "Save AS" with same file name and select HTML Document from "Save as type:" pull-down menu. Use Browse button and select HTML version of file and proceed as indicated in Item 4 above. (We can all read this page)
    2. Use Browse button and select MS Word file and MIME Type MS Word in pull-down menu. The file will be added to the notebook as an "object" in a link statement, and can only be viewed by those with MS Word.
    3. Both HTML and MS Word versions can be put on the same page by first using Add and then using Edit