Event notification extensions to Web100

As originally distributed, web100 did not support an event notifciation system. One would have to walk the web100 connection tree looking for new or closed connections. This polling mode was OK for our end-of-connection web100 logging daemon ( webd), since web100 data was retained for 60 seconds. For our tuning daemon, WAD, we desired "immediate" notification when a new connection had been established. We used the Linux netlink facility to provide event notification through the RAW socket netlink interface.

Here are the various patch files and simple test program for the Linux 2.4.16 Web100 release (2/20/02)

The message structure and message types all need to be cleaned up for a full release in the Web100 distribution ... in progress. Web100 now (4/5/02) includes event notification as a "Net100 extension" (must be enabled).
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