Clayton G. Webster, Ph.D.

Senior Mathematician & Professor

Predictive Mathematics Team (PMT)

I am the Team Leader of the Predictive Mathematics Team within the Applied Math Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The role of the PMT at ORNL is to develop innovative, massively scalable and resilient mathematical and computational approaches for scientific (model) discovery as well as decision-sciences.

Scientific Discovery (SD): Can we improve the description of physical processes that are not well-understood? How do well-understood microscopic processes lead to macroscopic phenomena?

Decision-sciences (DS): How do uncertainties, ubiquitous in all modeling efforts, affect our predictions and understanding of such complex phenomena?

To address these objectives, we develop fundamental mathematics which (i) for problems that we cannot simulate, will improve our simulation capabilities and (ii) for problems we can simulate, apply predictive methodologies with rigorous uncertainty quantification (UQ) to support decision-makers and for engineering solutions.

The group of applied and computational mathematicians consists of staff members, postdocs and students listed below:

Senior Staff

Rick Archibald, Senior Mathematician

Max Gunzburger, Distinguished Mathematician

Cory Hauck, Senior Mathematician

Miroslav Stoyanov, Mathematician

Clayton Webster, Senior Mathematician & Team Leader

Yulong Xing, Mathematician

Guannan Zhang, Householder Fellow & Mathematician

Postdoctoral Fellows

Diego Galindo (Mentor: C. Webster)

Kris Garrett (Mentor: C. Hauck)

Hoang Tran (Mentor: C. Webster)

Ph.D. Graduate Students

Nick Dexter (Advisor: C. Webster)

Peter Jantsch (Advisor: C. Webster)



Phone: 865-574-3649

Google: 609-379-3271

Fax: 865-241-5552


Mr. Billy Fields


Mailing address

Oak Ridge National Lab

One Bethel Valley Road

P.O. Box 2008, MS-6164

Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6164

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