SciDAC Collaborative Design and Development

      of the Community Climate System Model: Working Notes

The  Community Climate System Model, is a collaborative effort involving NSF, DOE and NASA aimed at providing US researchers with state of the art coupled climate simulation capabilities.  The DOE national laboratories involved are ANL, LANL, LLNL, LBL, ORNL and PNL.  The National Center for Atmospheric Research and the NASA/Goddard Data Assimilation Office are the primary, non-DOE collaborators.  John Drake ( and Phil Jones ( are co-PI's for the project and the primary DOE-lab contacts. Dr. Bob Malone is now PI-emeritis for the project. Peter Gent from NCAR is the PI of the overall CCSM project.

The LANL COSIM, project and the LLNL PCMDI, project, are also DOE OBER funded Climate Change Prediction Projects with close ties to the CCSM Consortium.

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