Dr. Line Pouchard

Scientific Data Group

School of Information Sciences, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


My research interests include the development of information systems for data-intensive, collaborative and multi-disciplinary, scientific applications. It includes the collection, management, discovery and access of data and information through the use of metadata and ontologies.

This research is focused on scientific domains of interest to the Department of Energy, Office of Science, including High Performance Computing, Climate and Earth Sciences, and Homeland Security.

Another aspect of my activities at ORNL is focused on encouraging sustained interest in science and on mentoring interns with the goal of educating young scientists. I received a DOE Outstanding Mentor Award for 2009. Interested interns may apply to the Science Education programs available at the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education. The Department of Energy values diversity.



Nick DiGuiseppe, 2013

Suppawong Tuarob, 2012

Andrew Runciman, 2010

Jarilyn Hernandez, 2010,2011,2012

Jake Choi, Walker Loggins, 2010

Alex Suttmiller, 2009

Jon Dobson, 2007, 2008-2010

Stephenie Brown, 2008

David Labissoniere, 2006-2007