Tamah Fridman

(formerly Tema)

Email: fridmant@ornl.gov
Phone: 865-241-9802
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JICS (UT/ORNL) Research Scientist,
Computational Chemical Sciences Group,
Computer Science and Mathematics Division

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Education, Professional Experience, Activities, and Honors: Tema Fridman is a Research Scientist at Joint Institute for Computational Sciences (University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory). She changed the spelling of her first name to Tamah in December 2008. She has been at Oak Ridge since 2002. Her MS degree in applied and mathematical physics was obtained at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (1989), Russia, and her Ph D in physics and astronomy was obtained at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey (1997), where she was working on elliptical galaxies dynamics. Subsequently, she moved to biophysics, and was awarded a fellowship from Burroughs Wellcome Fund, PMMB program, for work on DNA structure (http://www.math.fsu.edu/~pmmb/papers/fridman.htm). From 2002, Tema Fridman is working on mass spectrometry data interpretation analysis. In 2004, 2005 and 2006 Tema served on NIH Study Section on Software Development and Maintenance Panel.

Interests and Expertise: Algorithm development, modeling of physical processes, protein structure prediction, molecular kinetics, molecular dynamics, molecular structure, mass spectrometry: database search algorithms, de novo and hybrid methods.

Selected Relevant Publications:

  1. Arnold N. D., Fridman T., Day R. M., and Gorin A.A. (2008) Computing P-values for Peptide Identifications in Mass Spectrometry Bioinformatics Research and Applications, Fourth International Symposium, Lecture Notes in Computer Science}, pp 100-109, ISBN 978-3-540-79449-3 (pdf)
  2. Gorin A., Day R.M., Arnold N.D., and Fridman T. (2006) "De Novo algorithms significantly outperform database search in coverage of normal proteins", Proceedings of 54th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry, p. 107, Seattle, Washington, May 28 - June 1, 2006
  3. Gorin A., Day R.M., Fridman T., and Arnold N.D. (2006) "Estimating informational content of tandm mass-spectrometry data", Protein Science, v 15, Suppl 1, p. 149
  4. Day, R.M., Gorin, A., and Fridman, T. (2006) "De Novo Approach for Finding Post Translational Modifications", Experimental Biology 2006 Late-Breaking Abstracts, San Francisco, CA, April 1-5, 2006
  5. Tema Fridman, Vladimir Protopopescu, Greg Hurst, Andrei Borziak and Andrey G orin, "Optimal construction of theoretical spectra for MS/MS spectra identificat ion", OMICS 2005, Vol.9, No.4, p.380-390
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  9. Tema Fridman, Jane Razumovskaya, Nathan Verberkmoes, Greg Hurst and Ying Xu,"An alternative to SEQUEST cross-correlation scoring algorithm for tandem mass spectra identification through database lookup: the Luck scoring function, and the probability of an unrelated spectra match model", Currents in Computational Molecular Biology 2004, RECOMB 2004 - San Diego, p.66,
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  12. T. Fridman, R.Day, J. Razumovskaya, D. Xu and A. A. Gorin,"Probability profiles - novel approach in mass spectrometry de novo sequencing", CSB2003 conference proceedings, Stanford University 11-14 August 2003, p. 415-418
  13. Fridman T., Merritt D., "Periodic Orbits in Triaxial Galaxies with Weak Cusps",Astron. Journ., vol. 114, p. 1479, 1997
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