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Highlight Archive 1999-1998

SP procurement team wins ORNL award

Team members who worked on the Acquisition of the IBM 1 TFLOP System Project will be presented the Lockheed Martin Energy Research Presidents' Award for Continuous Improvement in recognition of their outstanding contributions supporting ORNL's continuous improvement objectives. The team consisted of Richard Alexander, Buddy Bland, and Debbie McCoy of CSM; Mike Huie from finance; and Rolf Migun and Dave Neusel from procurement. details

Lynn Parker

Lynne Parker wins DOE Early Career Scientist Award!

DOE has announced that Lynne Parker has been selected to receive the DOE Office of Science Early Career Scientist Award, and as such has also been nominated for the Presidential Award.

Oak Ridger spotlights ORNL computing progress

The Tuesday, July 27 issue of the Oak Ridger featured a full-page spread on the front of the Science & Technology section. The three articles included quotes and photos from a number of division staff.
Main article, Computing timeline, Virtual Human sidebar


Award for Outstanding Achievement in Intelligent Vehicles

ITS America awarded the 1999 Outstanding Achievement in Intelligent Vehicles to the In-vehicle Data Bus (IDB) Demonstration Program - Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International. The SAE has a CRADA (Cooperative Research and Development Agreement) with ORNL in this Program. Dr. Phil Spelt of CSM is the Principal Investigator of the CRADA, and the ORNL Champion of the ITS Databus. The Driver Research Instrumented Vehicle (a Dodge Intrepid), which uses the IDB, was featured at the WATTEC conference June 1-3, 1999.

Welding society lauds ORNL paper

A paper titled "Numerical Analysis of Residual Stress Distribution in Tubes with Spiral Weld Cladding," which was published in the August 1998 issue of the American Welding Society's Welding Journal, has received the society's A. F. Davis Silver Medal Award. The paper, which deals with ORNL's Kraft recovery boiler project for the paper industry, was authored by Thomas Zacharia of the Computer Science and Mathematics Division, X. L. Wang, J. R. Keiser and R. W. Swindeman of the Metals and Ceramics Division, former postdocs B. Taljat and Z. Feng and M. J. Jirinec of Welding Services.

ORNL Brings Home Awards from SC98

At SC98, the High Performance Networking and Computing Conference, held this November in Orlando, Florida, CSM staff won several honors. A team including William A. Shelton of CSM won the Gordon Bell Award for fastest real science application, the most prestigious award of the conference. The code, simulating metallic magnetism, is the first real scientific application to achieve a TeraFLOP/sec!

Also at SC98, Jack Dongarra of CSM won the award for best paper in the systems category for Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software, coauthored by Clint Whaley of UTK.