ORNL booth at SC2002

Computer Science "U"

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Scalable Interactive Visualization OSCAR/Cluster Power Tools
Understanding Protein-DNA Interactions Super-scalable Algorithms   Fault Tolerance - A New Perspective   Cluster and demo

Scientific Annotation Middleware (SAM)

contact: Al Geist
SAM website

ORNL Electronic Notebook

contact: Al Geist
Electronic Notebook website

Understanding the Protein-DNA Interactions

contact: Al Geist, Pratul Agarwal

HARNESS: Pluggable Heterogeneous Distributed Virtual Machine

contact: Jim Kohl
Harness website

Fault Tolerance - A New Perspective

contact: Jim Kohl

Projection Screen

powerpoint on Viz in Scientific Computing | quicktime version
quicktime (.mov) of "Science Explorer" intro
contact: Stewart Dickson

Scalable Interactive Visualization

contact: Jim Kohl


contact: Stephen Scott
OSCAR website

Cluster Power Tools

contact: Stephen Scott

Super-scalable Algorithms

contact: Al Geist, Christian Engelmann