ORNL Dedicates Terascale Computing Facility

On June 20, 2000, the newly expanded IBM RS/6000 SP supercomputer, Eagle, and the recently acquired Compaq AlphaServer SC system, Falcon, were dedicated in a ceremony that included remarks by Under Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz, and ORNL Director Bill Madia. After a virtual ribbon cutting, several applications were launched on the new machines. ORNL boasts 1.5 teraflops computing speed, making it the most powerful unclassified computing facility in the nation. Together, the machines provide DOE researchers with computing power more than 10 times greater than was offered by the Intel Paragon XP/S 150, which in 1995 was the fastest computer in the world.

Touring the computer room

Leah Dever, Ernie Moniz, Thomas Zacharia, Bill Madia, Jim Roberto Leah Dever, Ernie Moniz, Thomas Zacharia, Bill Madia, Jim Roberto
Bill Madia, Jesse Lipcon, Ernie Moniz, Thomas Zacharia touring Falcon Ernie Moniz, Jim Roberto, Thomas Zacharia, Bill Madia Ernie Moniz, Jim Roberto

Welcome and greetings

Thomas Zacharia at the dedication
"These new supercomputers allow researchers to solve problems in a virtual environment in areas that span the globe -- from transportation to medicine to materials," said Thomas Zacharia, Director of the Computer Science and Mathematics Division. "The IBM and Compaq machines are allowing us to tackle problems that couldn't be solved before."
Jesse Lipcon of Compaq at the dedication

Jesse Lipcon, Vice President of Alpha Technology for Compaq: "...it's extremely important for Compaq to place its computers at the national labs. The advances in computational science enabled by this system and our partnership with ORNL will lead to improved products and services that positively impact people's lives every day."

Dave McQueeney of IBM at the dedication

David McQueeney, Vice President of IBM Research: "They're much more than customers to us, ...they tend to have the best scientists, and they have tremendous insights into the computational science. So the labs, especially Oak Ridge, are outstanding reservoirs of scientific talent, and we certainly like to have those guys using the machines to define new applications."

Supercomputing at ORNL

Bill Madia at the dedication

UT-Battelle President Bill Madia: ORNL has established expertise and ongoing research in developing new materials, studying global climate change and the effects of pollution, mapping human chromosomes and safety testing automobiles of the future in virtual reality. ``As we move those important national objectives forward, high performance computing is essential.''

DOE Keynote

Ernie Moniz at the dedication

``Get science out of this important development,'' Dr. Ernest Moniz, DOE's Undersecretary for Research and Development, urged ORNL researchers. ORNL's new computers represent "a genuine tool of discovery, not just the extension of a few more cycles on a machine."

Virtual ribbon cutting, video, presentation

Ernie Moniz virtual ribbon-cutting, Zacharia, Madia, Bland Ernie Moniz watches time-lapse of computer installation, Madia, Roberto, Bland Madia presents Moniz with plaque

With one click on a notebook computer for a virtual ribbon cutting, Moniz launched several applications on the new systems. As the applications started, the crowd was treated to a short video containing time-lapse footage of the installation of the computers (installation photos: Eagle, Falcon) and highlights from some of the applications. Then Madia presented Moniz with a plaque commemorating the occasion. The plaque has a CD which contains the code and data from the first science application to achieve terascale performance (a materials application developed at ORNL).

A celebratory crowd

Moniz mingles with researchers Moniz greets Lee Riedinger
Bill Madia with Dave McQueeney of IBM, hearing all about the new fellowship Jesse Lipcon of Compaq with Bill Madia--so, Jesse?

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