Oak Ridge display at Tennessee State Legislature
March 10-14, 1997

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  • Major Laboratory Initiatives in Neutron Science
  • Developing a National Neutron Source
  • ORNL Graphite Reactor: photo || history
  • Neutron Scattering at the High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR)
    Contact: Bill R. Appleton, email: appletonbr@ornl.gov
  • Functional Genomics
  • Life Sciences Division
  • Mammalian Genetics and Development Section
  • Human Genome Project Information
    Contact: Richard P. Woychik, email: woychik@bioax1.bio.ornl.gov
  • Joint ORNL/Sandia Proposal for a 30 TeraFLOP
    High Performance Computing System
    Contact: K. L. Kliewer, email kliewer@ccs.ornl.gov
    Oak Ridge National Laboratory is a Department of Energy multiprogram laboratory managed by Lockheed Martin Energy Research Corporation in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
    For more information see ORNL homepage
  • ORNL finds common genetic cause for epilepsy, migraine
  • ORNL researchers part of team to improve national health care
  • ORNL mice helping researchers isolate, identify causes of cancer
  • The Case of the Vanishing Fingerprint
  • ORNL researchers win R&D 100 awards
  • Liane B. Russell wins Enrico Fermi Award
  • Gerard Ludtka wins E. O. Lawrence Memorial Award
  • Clifford Shull, Nobel Prize winner: column || tribute
  • Roger S. Carlsmith receives the Sadi Carnot Award
  • Gerald Mahan elected to the National Academy of Sciences

  • Additional High Performance Computing Posters

    Seamless Distributed Computing
    Contact: Tim Sheehan, email: sheehantj@ccs.ornl.gov

    Computational Center for Industrial Innovation (CCII)
    Contact: W. H. Gray, email: graywh@ornl.gov

    Engine Simulations via KIVA-3
    Contact: Osman Yasar, email: yasar@ccs.ornl.gov

    Additional Environmental Posters

  • National Environmental Research Park
    Contact: Lynn Kszos, email: lki@ornl.gov
  • Contact: Pat Parr, email: par@ornl.gov

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