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This page has links to press releases, newspaper articles, and exhibitions highlighting CSM research from 1998 and earlier.

CSM in the news in 1998 and earlier

11/27/98 Computer model will save cash for auto research Oak Ridger
8/11/97 ANOTHER world record for CalTech/JPL team using the CCS XP/S 150 Paragon: SF Express team has successfully run a 50,000 vehicle simulation
11/15/96 CalTech/JPL team sets world record using the CCS XP/S 150 Paragon: SF Express team has successfully run a 10,000 vehicle simulation
5/20/96 Predicting Climate Change by John B. Drake ORNL Review
4/1/96 ORNL researchers win Materials Sciences Award from Department of Energy
11/95Genius Issue: "Rapid Growth Challenges Computer Researchers" "Moore's Law Continues Into the 21st Century" R&D Magazine
12/7/95 Intel passes final milestone with software for ORNL supercomputer
7/27/95 New CCII director
7/12/95 Nanotechnology could lead to next industrial revolution
4/21/95 XP/S 150 supercomputer dedicated April 21 at ORNL
4/95 R&D highlight: Quantitative Leap: Dedication of New Computer and User CenterORNL Review
12/7/94 ORNL Intel computer models car crashes
12/7/94 Technology Transfer: Computer Models Car CrashesORNL Review
12/2/94 ORNL'S Ken Kliewer on how to put the sizzle back in HPCC HPCwire
11/8/94 PICS team helps set world record in molecular dynamics on ORNL's new Paragon(tm) MP system
11/8/94 Technical Highlights: World Record Set for System Size in Molecular Dynamics ORNL Review

Exhibits in 1998 and earlier:

11/98ORNL exhibit at SC98
5/5/98 ORNL display at 3M
11/97 ORNL posters at SC97
6/16/97 CCS exhibit at Forrestal Building
3/10-14/97 Oak Ridge display at the Tennessee state legislature
12/96 ORNL booths at SC96
6/19-22/96 ISUG96, The Intel Supercomputer Users Group annual conference, hosted jointly by ORNL/CCS and UTK/JICS.
5/28-30/96 Chattanooga summit:
11/95 ORNL booth at SC95

Awards from 1998 and earlier:

11/98 Gordon Bell Award for fastest real science application, the most prestigious award of the conference was awarded at SC98, the High Performance Networking and Computing Conference, held in November in Orlando, Florida was won by a team including William A. Shelton of CSM
Best paper in the systems category at SC98 was awarded to Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software, coauthored by Jack Dongarra of ORNL/CSM-UTK and Clint Whaley of UTK.
8/98 A. F. Davis Silver Medal Award was awarded by the American Welding Society to a paper titled "Numerical Analysis of Residual Stress Distribution in Tubes with Spiral Weld Cladding," which was published in the August 1998 issue of the American Welding Society's Welding Journal. The paper, which deals with ORNL's Kraft recovery boiler project for the paper industry, was authored by Thomas Zacharia of the Computer Science and Mathematics Division, X. L. Wang, J. R. Keiser and R. W. Swindeman of the Metals and Ceramics Division, former postdocs B. Taljat and Z. Feng and M. J. Jirinec of Welding Services.
11/96 GOLD medal for Concurrency from the SC96 Heterogeneous Computing Challenge competition was awarded to the Metacomputing project (poster)
SILVER medal for Innovation from the SC96 Heterogeneous Challenge -- Computational Steering competition was awarded to "CUMULVS in the Clouds: A Dynamically Reconfigurable 3-D Viscous Flow Calculation for Complex Wing/Body Geometries"
8/96 R&D 100 award to Sandia National Laboratories and GigaNet Corporation for their OC-12C communications board. Buddy Bland of CCS was named as liaison on the award. ORNL is helping test these boards for real-life applications.
4/1/96 Award for Outstanding Scientific Accomplishment in Metallurgy and Ceramics for 1995 awarded by the Department of Energy-Basic Energy Sciences, Division of Materials Sciences to ORNL giant magnetoresistance (GMR) researchers ( press release)

Highlights from 1998 and earlier:

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