Photos from the March 2003 Cray X1 Installation

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getting the boxes off the truck *

boxes onto the loading dock *

boxes into the elevator *

steel plates to carry the weight *

worker riding top of elevator to override default settings *

Mark Dobbs, Bill Madia, Thomas Zacharia, Larry Hoelzemann (Cray) *

Roy Whitney (TJL), Bill Madia, Thomas Zacharia *

Cray staff installing "skins" while ORNL electricians connect power

Fluoriner manifolds
(cooling system) *

Node boards
inserted in frame *

logo closeup *

reflections and logo
(door open) *

innards of the cabinet *

coolant hoses to nodeboards *

pumps for liquid coolant *

Cray logo *

inside of I/O cabinet *

bridge to I/O cabinet *

Office of Science logo *

Office of Science logo *

abstract (with door open) *

abstract reflections *

bridge and I/O cabinet *

logo closeup *

view up the side doors *